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Who are we?

FACTORY4SHOPS is a new online B2B platform based in Denmark that allows small specialised stores to differentiate in the market and fight big worldwide brands and retailers while having their own unique, well-made pieces of garments. In our website we offer 2 types of memberships that provide exclusive rights, labels’ package as well as offer a possibility to work closely with different trusted factories and other specialised shops in a close network unit.


To become a leading platform connecting small boutiques and factories to compete with the dominance of retailers and wholesalers.

To help small companies access their own private label production and design unique selling pieces based on customers’ needs.








17 Sustainable Development Goals


At Factory4shops we support 17 Sustainable Development Goals that are important to achieve a better and more sustainable future for humans and the planet. These goals address the global challenges people face nowadays including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. By doing that we are willing to be seen as a humanistic and caring business that wants not just to increase the profit but at the same to contribute to doing good. To make sure that all pieces of outwear garments which we make are designed using only good quality materials we work with trustworthy factories in India that are aware of circular economy and sustainability as well as CSR.

Our Factories

Factory4shops is a customer oriented company that cares about its buyers satisfaction.  To make sure that our customers get good quality products that are worth the price, Factory4shops works with a few trustworthy factories in India that document their CSR and are aware of circular economy and sustainability. 

One of the factories our company works with is Alignz which is a specialist producer and exporter of leather clothing for men and women established in 1996.  Based in Noida (a suburb of Delhi, India) Alignz Export Pvt. Ltd has a production capacity of over 250,000 garments per year and this number is increasing each year.

Alignz Exports is a factory that makes all kinds of leather garments including jackets, coats, trousers, shorts, skirts, etc.  It specialises in vintage looks and has strong emphasis on desired quality, competitive prices and time schedule. 

To ensure only ethical and professional production the factory meets all systems and specifications. It is equipped with modern machines (Juki Machines including specific operation machines) as well as washing arrangements, RO System etc. Alignz Exports has in-door control of inventories, leather selection, pattern designing and sampling, drawing and cutting, finishing and QC and final packing. 

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